Lectures and seminars will be published in Acta Physica Polonica A. The seminar contributions are restricted to a maximum length of 3 pages, figures included, and 6 pages for lectures. One page is equivalent to 3000 characters including spaces, one figure is equivalent to 1200 characters, if single in the row. The detailed instruction for manuscript preparation:


1. General presentation

Two copies (original + one identical copy) of the manuscript are expected in English only with a diskette with the source code of the paper in MS Word. Manuscripts must be typewritten on one side of the page only, in double-spacing (3 lines per inch) and with a left-hand margin of 4 cm.

All pages should be numbered. All unusual or handwritten symbols have to be described on a separate sheet; they should be identified typographically, not mathematically. Vectors should be marked by underlining with a straight line. Also, on the margin the places, where the figures and tables should appear, should be marked in pencil. Symbols for physical quantities in the text and normal symbols in formulae will be printed in italics. Only round brackets should be used in the text. Section headings should be numbered with Arabic numerals, and continued through the whole text in the same fashion (including Conclusions). Each paper must have an abstract typewritten as the body of the manuscript of a length not exceeding 3% of the text, or 250 words. The abstract should be self-contained, should not have figures or quote any references. It should be clear, concise, and informative giving the scope, the main results obtained, and, for experimental papers,some indication of the methods used. The paper should be indexed with the help of  PACS Index typed just below the abstract.

2. Formulae and symbols

Displayed formulae must be clearly typed (written) each on a different line and well-separated from the adjacent text. They should be numbered on the right-hand side. SI units when specified in formulae, tables and figures should be written in square brackets. 


3. Figures


Figures (submitted in two sets) whether diagrams, graphs, or photographs, should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals in the order in which they are mentioned in the text and this number together with the author's name and the beginning of the title should be written in pencil. The fair copies for reproduction of diagrams should be high-quality computer graphics (preferably in TIFF format) or Indian ink on tracing paper, and of sufficient size to permit reduction in printing. Inscriptions on drawings should be kept to a minimum and all explanations of different types of curve or data points should be incorporated in the caption. Curves should be labelled with single symbols or with identifying letters.

Essential photographs can be reproduced but they should be avoided wherever possible; they should be on glossy paper, unmounted, with as much contrast as possible.

Captions must not be written at the bottom of figures but collected together on a page specially provided.

4. Tables

All tables must be labelled at the top with consecutive Roman numerals and a title should be as concise as possible. References for data in tables may be given in full in footnotes or indicated in the footnote in the manner used for references in the text.

5. Footnotes and references

Footnotes should be indicated consecutively in Arabic numerals in the text and typed at the end of the page or between two horizontal lines immediately after the line of text containing this indication.

References must be typed together on a separate sheet in order of their appearance in the text. References are made in the text with Arabic numerals in square brackets [1] (not with the superscript). The list of references should be presented as follows:
[1] V.Z. Kresin, H. Moravitz, Phys. Rev. B 43, 2691 (1991).
[2] S. Nagakura, in: Excited States, Vol. 1, Ed. E.C. Lim, Academic Press,
New York 1975, p. 322.

[3] W. Demtröder, Laser Spectroscopy, 3rd ed., Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1988, p. 143.
[4] B. Novak, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Warsaw, Warsaw 1985, p. 77.  


Abbreviations of periodical titles must follow the conventions of Physics Abstracts. In all cases the full list of all co-authors must be given.

Papers in the course of publication can be entered only if the journal has accepted them and its name is given. Internal laboratory reports not available on request must not be quoted.