20 May


21 May


22 May


23 May


24 May


25 May Wednesday


Arrival from Kraków

8:00 Breakfast


M. Toulemonde

M. Folkard



A. Marcelli

L. Dobrzyñski


S. Cottenier

M. Folkard

P. Marsza³ek

P. Esquinazi


Coffee break

Coffee break


U. Schröter

A. Hauptner

G. Klingelhöfer

P. Wigen


M. Takai

K. Burda

K. Jones



13:00 Lunch

14:30 Lunch  

13:00 Lunch


Mountain activities

- on your own expenses

Mountain activities

- on your own expenses

H. Hahn

A. Kulik (30”)

14:00 Departure to Kraków


Coffee break

K. Lebed (15”)


H. – J. Elmers

A. D¹browska (15”)


C. L’abbe

M. Targosz (15”)


18:30 Dinner

18:00 Dinner

18:30 Dinner

18:00 Dinner




Welcome reception

H. Wolf (30”)


Social evening

19:30- 21:30

Poster session


B. Kalska (15”)

P. Korecki (45”)

A. Kukunin (15”)

J. Gryboœ (15”)

V. Auzelyte (15”)

J. C. Li (15”)

A. Garcia (15”)

W. Polak (15”)

G. Matei (15”)

 P. Barberet (15”)


The full program in the pdf-version is available here.









K. Burda

Energy and Electron Transfer in Photosynthesis Investigated with Mössbauer Spectroscopy.

S. Cottenier

Getting Insight into Condensed Matter by ab initio Calculations.

L. Dobrzyñski

Bayesian Analysis of the Spectroscopic Data.

H.-J. Elmers Picosecond-resolution Photoelectron Microscopy of Fast Magnetization Processes.

P. Esquinazi

Magnetism in Carbon: Past, Present and Future Research.

M. Folkard

Understanding Radiation Damage to Cells Using Microbeams.

M. Folkard

Investigating Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage Using Low Energy Photons.

H. Hahn Interface Characterization of Nanostructured Metallic Systems.

A. Hauptner

Irradiation of Living Cells with Single Ions at the Ion Microprobe SNAKE.

K. W. Jones

Properties of New York/New Jersey Harbor Sediments.

G. Klingelhöfer Mössbauer Studies of the Surface of Mars and its Implications on the History of Water.

P. Korecki

Holographic Fine Structure in Nuclear Resonant Absorption.

C. L’abbé

Nuclear Resonant Scattering of Circularly Polarized Synchrotron Radiation for Site-Selective Magnetization Measurements.

A. Marcelli

Protein Structure and Function in the Time-Domain of Vibrational Spectroscopies. The Promising Applications of IR Synchrotron Radiation Micro-Spectroscopy.

P. E. Marsza³ek

Mechanical Properties of Single Polysaccharide, DNA and Protein Molecules Studied with the Atomic Force Microscope and Computer Simulations.

U. Schröter

Electronic Transport through Quantum Point Contacts.

M. Takai Nanoprobe Applications in Low Dimensional Systems.

M. Toulemonde

Inelastic Thermal Spike Model as a Mechanism for Track Formation.  

P. E. Wigen

Ferromagnetic Resonance Force Microscopy in Micromagnetic Materials.

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V. Auzelyte

High Aspect and Space Ratio Sub-Micro Structure Fabrictation with MeV Proton Beam.

Ph. Barberet

The GSI Heavy Ion Microbeam: a Tool for the Investigation of Cellular Response to High LET Radiations.

A. D¹browska

Mechanical Unfolding of Native Fibronectin Using the Atomic Force Microscopy.

A. García-Bórquez

Surface Nanofeatures Induced by High Energy Heavy Ions Irradiation.

J. Gryboœ

The Interaction Forces of the Bovine Albumin to Different Ligands Studied by AFM.

B. Kalska-Szostko

Studies of the Iron Oxides Nanoparticles by Means of Mössbauer Spectroscopy.

A. Kukunin

Spin-polarized Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy of Ultrathin Films.

A. J. Kulik

Mechanical Properties and Anisotropy of Carbon Nanotubes and Biological Microtubules.

K. Lebed

Studying of Lectin–Carbohydrate Interaction.

J. C. Li

Neutron Spectroscopic Studies of Interaction between Water and  DNA/Proteins and Amino Acids.

G. Matei

Submicron Structure in Biocompatible Ferrofluids.

W. Polak

Single Proton Hit Facility at the IFJ PAN in Cracow.

M. Targosz

Molecular Interaction between Bacterial Antigens and Macrophage Receptors Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy.  

H. Wolf

Investigation of Nanocrystalline Materials by Perturbed Angular Correlation and Supplementing Experimental Techniques.

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A. Banaœ

Elemental Mapping of Prostate Tissue by micro-SRIXE.

B. B. Bohanov

Mössbauer Study of the Process Crystalisation in Nano-Dimensional Powders Fe-C.

K. Dziedzic-Kocurek

XANES and Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Study of Iron Valance States in Tissues.

A. A. Gnidenko

First-Principles Calculation of He-H Interaction in C-Si.

M. Hyjek

Investigation of Starch Structure by 2-D Time – Domain NMR Measurements.

W. Kwiatek

Distinguishing Prostate Cancer from Hyperplasia.

W. Kwiatek

Preliminary Study of Chemical Speciation of Sulphur in Cancerous Tissues.

A. Leja

The Effect of Non-Functional Manganese on Subcellular Structures Formed in Developing Wheat Photosynthetic Membranes as Observed by NMR and Sorption Isotherm.

M. de Odrow¹¿ Piramowicz

Studies of Strept(Avidin) –Biotin Interactions using Atomic Force Microscopy.

A. Pietrzyk

Bound Water Structure on the Surface of Usnea Antarctica as Observed by NMR and Sorption Isotherm.

O. Veselov

Automatic Image Processing for Single Ion Irradiation of Cells.

A. Wojciechowska

Mössbauer and Magnetometric Studies of Spin Reorientations in Er2-xThxFe14B.

A. Zaleski

Mössbauer, XRD and SEM study of Fe-Al-based Powder Alloys with Nanoinclusions.

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